Tips for creating your own artwork

You can create your own artwork and supply it for printing. Our preferred artwork files and the industry standard is a Print Ready PDF.
We do accept other file types, Non Vector Art PDF, Word Documents etc.
Preferred Files:
Print Ready PDF – Fonts converted to paths/curves, colours are Pantone or CMYK, images are hi resolution. (Industry Standard)
PDF – A lot of software can export a document as a PDF. PDFs are always a good way to supply a file as the format is easily opened by anyone.

Word Document – Microsoft Word doesn’t have the ability to convert fonts to paths/curves or make colours Pantone or CMYK, so these files are more suited to digital printing or single colour composite offset printing. Opening a Word Document on different computers can result in changes in layout as different fonts are automatically substituted.

Tip: If you’re using graphics in your artwork, try to make sure they are 300dpi (high resolution). If you’re using an image taken from a website it will most likely be low resolution 72dpi. If you can find a bigger version of the same thing it will look better when printed.

If you’re supplying Print Ready artwork, here are the requirements:
Spot or Pantone Colour Artwork:

  • Text/fonts converted to outlines
  • Colours are Pantone / Spot, no RGB or CMYK
  • Images should be 300dpi, single colour
  • 2mm image bleed
  • Trim Marks

CMYK Artwork:

  • Text/fonts converted to outlines
  • Colours CMYK – no Pantone or RGB
  • Images should be 300dpi, CMYK
  • 2mm image bleed
  • Trim Marks