PDF Specs

The Printing Industry uses a standard kind of PDF called a “Print Ready PDF“. You can create a Print Ready PDF using software like InDesign and Illustrator.
If you’re supplying a Print Ready PDF here are the requirements:


CMYK Artwork:

  • Text/fonts converted to outlines
  • All Colours must be CMYK – no Pantone or RGB – that includes all text and images
  • Images should be 300dpi – low res images may look ok on screen but will look rough when printed
  • 2mm image bleed – any image that is printed to the edge must bleed over the edge by 2mm
  • Trim Marks

Spot or Pantone Colour Artwork:

  • Text/fonts converted to outlines
  • Colours are Pantone / Spot, no RGB or CMYK
  • Images should be 300dpi, single colour
  • 2mm image bleed
  • Trim Marks